Super Light, Only 180 gr, Lucky Devil

This little fellow (38 cm height and 40 cm wide) weights only 180 gr.
I build my dolls from rings of paper with glue. when the ring is dry i put another one on it and so on. the result is very firm but light.
The dolls are hollow which makes them easy to balance (they stand for them selves) and of course, can be transported easily, but the main reason that I love this technique is that it has a fresh and rough look in the end (very similar to their sketch in the sketch book where they were originally taken from) ,and it allows me to give the dolls a big body and tiny legs , like this girl here which is 210 gr and it is still firm and stable.

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  1. Natalina says:

    I just LOOOOOVEEEE your work! Congratulations!
    Natalina : )

  2. Natalina says:

    Hello! I LOOOOOvEEEEEE your work! Congratulations!
    Natalina : )

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