I Remember

Went  swimming, first time in a long time. Speaking of water, here is a quote from The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley: “Stop!” said the Irishwoman. “I have one more word for you both; for you will both see me again before all is over. Those that wish to be clean, clean they will be; […]

Exhibition in Design Museum Holon

My Illustrations from the book “Yossi my Wonderful Child” by O.Hillel is now exhibited in a group exhibition of contemporary illustrated children’s books. Playing at Design Museum Holon  April 16th – June 7th, 2014 Curated by Yuval Sa’ar

Back and Forth

Bought a hammock, and enjoyed it very much outside. Then something happened and we had to get inside. Brought the hammock inside too. It caught the whole living room. Listened to a CD playing while swinging back and forth. Then it hit me, a picture I drew in 2006. I have drawn this moment 8 […]

Flower Flow

Markers on 240gr Cartridge Paper.

Inner View

I was interviewed by Yuval Saar on his blog (in Hebrew).   An early draft for a tree for me

Porcelain Plates and Save the Date

Porcelain artist Einat Aroch and illustrator Liat Yaniv made these plates. We are taking part in the Artists’ Open Houses in Ramat Gan. 30 different plates will be exhibited on the 22-23/11/2013 at my home as part of the event. Each one of us will also exhibit her own art works. Please see this as […]

Exhibition, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

I was asked to make a postcard for the DoeDeMee exhibition taking place in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany on October 2013. So here they are, just in case you don’t get to see them in the exhibition. Look a Tree / paper and glue on a cardboard, 23 x 17 cm     Grow Up / […]

The Round Triangle Lady

Made of daily newspaper only. There is no metal structure inside. It is 100% paper. No additional colours, only the colours that appear in the newspaper. Hollow inside, made of rings of paper and white glue. The Round Triangle Lady truly listens to you. 40 x 42 x 23 cm / 400 gr

Say Something!

A verbal and visual interview about my work was published in Ha-Pinkas web magazine (in Hebrew). I made the following illustration in 2002 as a part of a student exchange program in Denmark in a course by Hanne Bartholin Mother and Me. Pencil, black ink and white gouache 30×30 cm.

Over the Rainbow

A dream that I dared to dream came true, and it is overwhelming me. Three years ago, as my first illustrated book was published I fantasized about my second one. The fantasy was about a very dear song by Naomi Shemer that lift my spirit up every time I hear it. Naomi Shemer, Israeli musician […]

Not Book

Over 300 Artists from all around the world. It is an International project dedicated to plain brown notebooks curated by Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz. My notebooks will be exhibited. The opening is on Tuesday July 9th 2013 20:30. Beit Ha’ir, 27 Bialik st., Tel Aviv. Yes!!! You are all invited!

Poster for Free

A story about one mother and a lot of trees. I wrote it a long time ago. Now it’s printed on a fine paper and ready to be sent to you, would you like that? Anywhere on the globe, just leave your mailing address and a small story with one illustration will be on its […]

100 Book Covers to Fight Illiteracy

I am very excited to share with you that I am taking part in the 100 Book Covers to Fight Illiteracy project. 100 artists from 28 countries redesigned the book covers of 100 classic novels that appear on the Observer’s list of 100 Greatest Novels of All Times. The goal of the project is to support the fight against […]

September First

Handmade kindergarten bag, Felt and cotton, 31x33cm

Simple Present

The first one was for me. This one is a present. 2013 diary 17×23.5cm

Paper Thought

Make my characters move. Find a big box, like the one you get when you buy a refrigerator, cut a window and get inside. Tell a story together with my paper creatures. I will make their hands and head and mind move.   2013 diary, 17×23.5cm, the character on the cover helped me get that […]

I Have a Dream

I would like to take my drawings everywhere. I want them to to walk with me and be my best friends. I want them to see the world and travel around. With a sketch book I can hug my characters, hug my thoughts, hug myself. 30 pages sketch book, 490g , home made hard cover, […]

Walk but Never Run

These days my mind is over occupied. Decisions must take place. Looking at my illustration,though, I am very proud. Walking calmly straight and full, thank god I have another universe to live in.

Pa Pa Pa Pa

I often imagine my self playing the saxophone solo of the song “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon. I love the saxophone part, absolutely love it. This illustration is dedicated with love to my cousin’s 10 year old son who just started to play the Saxophone. Good luck, dear!  

One Year Old

His first birthday came and I drew these characters for him.

Try Again and Again and Again

It takes me a lot of time to say out loud what my guts understand immediately. I was not happy with the diary I made, cannot really explain why, but it didn’t have that ‘swing’. I made a new one. All Right!

One Two Three

I have no chance against mechanical production. It takes me long time to choose, cut and glue my paper illustrations. I came to this conclusion: my work is at its best when it is bear, when you can actually touch the paper pieces. No printer will do the job, but i will. I made one, […]


Barefoot in the park. It felt good.

Dear Diary

New diary, new year, new beginning.

Home Made Notebook

I made it at home. It has some faults. 40 pages, hard cover, round corners, squared paper. The illustration is made of colors cut out of the daily newspaper and plastic glue. 14.3 x 20.8 cm.

Good People are Everywhere

Not a lot of people read my blog, but those who do, are precious to me. I got the sweetest offer from a kind lady living far away from where I do, to send me pink newspaper. This message charged me with new energy and sure put a big smile on my face.

A Corner of my Own

One thing (at least) we have in common, my hairdresser and I, is that we both need scissors in our hands. I love the sound scissors make, “snip snip”. Any way,  he is hosting me and my work, and we got this precious corner. Come up and visit my cornershop in the big city TLV! […]

Print me Pink

Did you know that pink is the most rare color in the newspaper? My dream is to find a whole pink page in the newspaper dedicated with love only to me! Bubble talk/ paper and glue on a pine wood, 40 x 30 cm.


small. personal. huggable.

cheer up plan(t)

I felt a little bit down in the last few days. A strong feeling directed me to the nursery, and I came home with three new plants. Plants remind me to smile and a song is in playing in my head when I see them.


As a child I always wanted people to talk with me, older people, people who know something about life. I used to talk with my grandma, she would tell me about people, about life. I have written down everything she told me. At this time of a year i used to call her and remind […]

Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean

Little pieces of paper. I glue them one next to another. The colors are extracted from the daily news paper. Nursing Pups / paper and glue on a pine wood, 40x 30 cm.

Fixed It!

My contact page was not working for the last few days. It seems some people tried to contact me, but could not. It is now fixed (the contact page plug-in was reactivated). Please try again.

Paper Penguin Reproduction

I have been working on a little web store for some of my work. The store is not ready yet, but the first product is. It is the Paper Penguin! A limited edition of 50 signed pieces of a reproduction of the Paper Penguin printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290 gsm paper, size 36 x 43 […]

Continuum Concept – My Point of View

Now I work like this. My baby boy and me with a baby carrier. Stomach to stomach we touch, and I can kiss his head. My hands are free to do whatever is on my pile for the day.

I just can’t get enough of

I can live without new clothes or shoes for more then a year, I can order the same dish from a restaurant if it taste good, but I can never be satisfied with my bags. Must change them every day, must make new ones, must look around for the next bag. This is my first […]

Happy Birthday

42 weeks passed and finally I gave birth to a baby boy. I hope you all excuse me for being away for so long, and not responding to your emails and comments (hope to catch up real soon). Special thanks to Maike Keuben from the Orange Farmhouse who wrote a Guest Post about my work […]

One for Me and Four for You!

Five pencil cases swam in the sea They were happy, as happy can be In the waves they were gently rocked Yes! You can have one for free, don’t be shocked The first four people that will leave their home address at the contact form will have one of them swim to their mailbox. Update: […]


No lines between them, just a color near a color, this is what gets me excited. Cutting the little pieces from the newspaper and gluing them on the cardboard one next to another. One color is defining another color’s shape, and the game begins. The illustration starts its first step, and I don’t really know […]

Summer Bag

This summer is so hot – up to 37 degrees, not to mention the humidity, my god the humidity! I felt that only a fabric light bag will do, so I made me one, red simple with no obligations. It is made from an old fabric that used to be my bed sheet. Since it […]


T-shirts are the walking galleries of the 21st century. In this galley you don’t have to be quiet. In fact, T-shirts will attract people’s attention and may help to start a conversation. As long as it gets you to talk or think, it is doing its job.

The rhombus sleeveless pullover man

It takes me about three to four weeks to make a paper doll, not including the time it takes to go through all my sketchbooks looking for the chosen sketch. This one came as a surprise to me. On the sketchbook he is only 2.8 x 2 cm, I barely saw him while thumbing through […]


The most famous artworks in the western culture were commissioned work. The Sistine Chapel for example, is a masterpiece made by Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini, and Sandro Botticelli not as a capricious way to express their inner feelings but was ordered for a purpose. I don’t do commissioned work form churches (yet), but I do have […]

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein once said: “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” One thing is for sure, my table is mostly messy. It usually starts fine. All the paper pieces are in their boxes, the glue is near the scissors, but once the search for the […]

A Catalog for You

This catalog was published in 2005 for my “Ripples of Glue” exhibition.  It was exhibited  in “Lohamei Haghetaot” gallery. I still have some copies of it left. If you want, I will be happy to send you one.  Please leave a message in the contact page and include your home address.

It is Already Out There!

It happened today. The phone rang from “Am Oved” publishing house. The book I have been working on for the last two years (and dreaming about for five years) is officially released to the stores. You can have a look on some of the illustrations here at my website. The beautiful song was written by O. […]

At the Beginning there was a Sketch

Sketchbooks are my favorite companion. The paper dolls, the illustrations, they all began with a sketch. Mr. Cupressus was a sketch too, only 7.5 cm height. but now he is a 84 x 32 cm doll, made of felt. His shirt holes made my thumb lose it’s nerve sense for six month! (yes, it came […]

An Afternoon Sleep

It is funny to see how similar our dog and cat are. They will always keep a distance from each other, but will usually go to the same area or clean themselves at the same time. Ooh,  aren’t they sweet?


Wood blocks are the best toy ever. I found my self diving into my own world playing with them after diner.


Finding black and white colors in the daily newspaper is harder then finding other colors. In my mind, it was supposed to be easier,  but like many other theories,  in was not working in realty. It actually took me long time to find different shades of gray. Thank god they were a patient family.


it was 37 degrees out there. Our cat decided  that  the best place to be is in the sink of the washing machine. When i saw her i was a little bit surprised, but very proud.

One Two Three Test

Many sketches from my sketch book are reborn  as a doll, but what about the sketches with head on and no body? Don’t they deserve attention too? Here are two of them on a pillow made of felt., It was just a test but it made my friend very happy to get them as a […]

Going to The Printing Press

Sitting and drawing in front of the computer for this projects is interesting, going to the printing house is exciting! The drum bit of the big machines, the smell of paper and seeing the work coming out from the big machine. I usually go there with the graphic designer. We are both a little bit […]

The Monster Book

I spent a day with my cousin’s sons. Each of us drew some monsters and we made a contest (their mother was the judge). We collected all the drawings into a simple A4 book. This monster did not win any prize but I liked him,  so here he is.

A Cactus You Can Hug

This cactus made out of felt was made especially for a friend of mine, she loves cactus, and often buys them. it was her bachelorette party where she gave real one for every guest, and got one from me.

Colors in a Box

Every week I get a delivery of organic fruits and vegetables to my door step (I love this arrangement). I usually know what’s inside, but this time when I opened it, the color really stroked me.

A Three Dimensional Logo

The shop that exhibits my work, Carousela, asked me to transform their two dimensional logo into three dimensions. It was for their one year celebrations.

The Thing with Obsession

The thing with obsession is that if you have one (paper) you will soon develop another. When it comes to bags I can not help my self. I feel like I am on a mission to bring together all the beautiful bags into my home. I am not to blame, They call on me. Wherever […]

Super Light, Only 180 gr, Lucky Devil

This little fellow (38 cm height and 40 cm wide) weights only 180 gr. I build my dolls from rings of paper with glue. when the ring is dry i put another one on it and so on. the result is very firm but light. The dolls are hollow which makes them easy to balance […]

No! It is not Garbage!

Is it obvious or should I tell you that I’m obsessed with the daily newspaper? I never throw them out until i finish taking all their colors out. since i don’t do it very quickly it usually piles up. When I do cut the color out, it makes me very happy. I love all the […]

About My Technique (It All Began With a Little Pig)

It all started when I was in Denmark for an exchange student program. Being a student and in a foreign country made money take a big roll in every choice I took, so my artistic choices were influenced too. Christmas came and we had to make a three dimensional ornaments for the tree,(did I mention […]