Poster for Free

A story about one mother and a lot of trees. I wrote it a long time ago. Now it’s printed on a fine paper and ready to be sent to you, would you like that?
Anywhere on the globe, just leave your mailing address and a small story with one illustration will be on its way to meet you.
Design by Tamar Bar-On, thank you so much, Tamar.

A Tree for Me / paper and glue on a pine wood frame, 50x 35 cm




10 Responses to “Poster for Free”

  1. Ruti says:

    איזה יופי של פוסטר.
    גם העיצוב החדש של דף הבית ממש יפה ומזמין לדפדף , לדפדף ולדפדף

  2. noa says:


  3. Rahel says:

    Thanks, Liat! I love the story!!! Well written with many small details that made me laugh :o)

  4. Hi! I’m an illustration student in the UK, I came across your work via instagram, someone had posted your illustrated poster! It’s beautiful. I really like the way you use colour.

    Lauren xo

  5. inge says:

    dear liat, thanks so much for sending me that beautiful story, it was really a nice surprice. i’m going to put it on the wall in my studio! x

  6. reut says:

    אני כל פעם מחדש מתפעלת מהיצירות המדהימות שלך…
    נשיקות מכולנו..

  7. Miriam says:

    Late reacting, but hopefully not too late!
    They look soooo hungry!
    love, MIRIAM

  8. annet says:

    This is me, mum, 2 kids and a very very very tired husband 🙂

    X Annet

  9. Sharon says:

    Todah! What a wonderful surprise! It’s very pretty…

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