Over the Rainbow

A dream that I dared to dream came true, and it is overwhelming me.
Three years ago, as my first illustrated book was published I fantasized about my second one.
The fantasy was about a very dear song by Naomi Shemer that lift my spirit up every time I hear it.
Naomi Shemer, Israeli musician and songwriter, hailed as the “first lady of Israeli song and poetry”
was a true love of mine since I was a child.
I felt as if she had written her songs just for me, telling me secretly all the true things about life.
I illustrated “The Short Tour”!
The book was published by Am-Oved Publishers, edited by Dalit Lev and Graphic Designed by Gila Kaplan.
I am grateful that I was accompanied by Naomi Shemer’s daughter ‎Lely Shemer.
Here are some illustrations from the book, and as for the technique, I glued it: One Piece At A Time… like Johnny Cash : )



6 Responses to “Over the Rainbow”

  1. Rahel says:

    That is GREAT! Lovely work, as always.Congratulations! My daughters love to sing this song. I will keep this book in mind for a present to them!

  2. גלית says:

    וואו ליאת!!!!! איזה התרגשות!!!!! נראה מהמם. האיורים משגעים, אני חייבת לראות את הספר. כבר בחנויות? אלך היום לחפש.
    כל הכבוד.

  3. כל הכבוד!!
    מדליק ומרשים!
    שמחה בשמחתך 🙂

  4. LOVE IT!!!
    great job Liat! and Congrats on your 2nd book!!
    Where can I get one??

  5. חגית says:

    הספר מקסים! והוא יפה יותר בקריאה שנייה ושלישית, בכל קריאה גיליתי פרטים חדשים באיורים

  6. inge says:

    hey, it looks great, I hope there will be an English version soon! I would buy it straight away. 🙂

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