About My Technique (It All Began With a Little Pig)

It all started when I was in Denmark for an exchange student program.
Being a student and in a foreign country made money take a big roll in every choice I took, so my artistic choices were influenced too.
Christmas came and we had to make a three dimensional ornaments for the tree,(did I mention that I didn’t have any money?). I looked around and all I saw in my room was a big pile of newspapers that was on my door step every week for free. Well, it was me, the newspaper and a plastic glue. and then it hit me that there are many colors in the newspaper itself, if I cut them out maybe I could do something with it. Using only the newspaper and the glue I made  my first Christmas ornament. This pig (which is actually a matchbox ) is hollow  (made from rings of paper and glue) and colored by the  pink color cuts. As you can see it was very small. Then I started to build larger shapes and found it was possible and I started to make  my paper dolls.

2 Responses to “About My Technique (It All Began With a Little Pig)”

  1. Luise says:

    thank you so much for sharing the heritage and the process of your work! i’m so fascinated by your technique.

  2. Inés says:

    I’m fascinated too!! Being an exchange student in a foreign country with a little money sure makes your creativity grow… Congratulations and what a pretty pig! If I were that pig I’d be very proud of myself for being the first one you did!

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