It is Already Out There!

It happened today. The phone rang from “Am Oved” publishing house.
The book I have been working on for the last two years (and dreaming about for five years) is officially released to the stores.
You can have a look on some of the illustrations here at my website. The beautiful song was written by O. Hillel. The song tells the story of a child that is sent to the store to buy some groceries, but every time he is out walking in the boulevard, something draws his attention and he brings home things he finds but no groceries. His mother worries about him, but is always touched by the sensitivity of her child and all she says: “Yossi, my wonderful child”.

7 Responses to “It is Already Out There!”

  1. Galit says:

    ליאתי! תתחדשי! הוא מדהים! איזו שמחה!

  2. מירב says:

    אחותי זה כה מהמם שאין מילים

  3. Irene says:

    Looks great!
    You think it is for sale in Holland!
    Yossi, hmm.. mabye inspiration for the name! 🙂


  4. אורית says:

    הי ליאת,
    תודה על ההזמנה לבלוג!!
    וואו!!! איזה דברים מדהימים. כמה חדשני ומקורי!
    תתחדשי על הספר. האיורים יפהפיים. זו התרגשות גדולה לראות את הספרים נערמים..
    ממשיכה להסתכל..
    יום נפלא,

  5. sharilyn says:

    oh! this book looks wonderful and sounds wonderful and even more so with your beautiful illustrations! I wish it were in available in english so I could pick up a copy for me and my little girl! The best of luck to you with your work and career, xox from canada Sharilyn

  6. עירית says:

    הספר פשוט מקסים, והרגשתי כאילו אני קוראת את השיר המוכר בפעם הראשונה.

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